7 Sisters

When the sky is clear, and night has fallen,
The Pleiades, a cluster of 7 beautiful stars,
play before our eyes.

A well known Greek Myth, The Pleiades
is a symbol of sisterhood.
Women gathering together, giving themselves the time away from day-to-day lives with family and friends, separating ourselves from the demands of others, and nourishing ourselves through the support of women and rhythm.

Katherine has worked extensively with women and rhythm. She continues to enjoy creating sacred spaces for women to collaborate, gather, and celebrate their unique strengths and gifts.

7 Sisters Drumming is her latest rhythm creation for women. Beginning in 2012, Katherine will be offering drumming and rhythm workshops in both Singapore and the Blue Mountains, Australia, and retreats in Ubud, Bali. These will continue to blend story, voice, and movement with rhythm and sound created through drums and various percussion instruments. She will also be adding the use of gongs, chimes, bells and sound bowls to further create a sound and rhythm extravaganza.



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