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Katherine's earliest passion for storytelling started out in the classroom, working with young children. Recognizing how important story is, she has dedicated her life work to bringing stories to children tall and small.


Camp Magic, now a thriving program with over 120 children each week in three different countries started out over 12 years ago in one classroom with 15 children per week... lots of drums, gongs, costumes, and paints!

Introducing parents to the interactive story in the home is becoming a very big part of what Katherine does throughout the year.


Collaborating with and directing performance artists from around the world is a fun part of the job, too.


The storyteller at home in the
Blue Mountains, Australia.

Working at international festivals, weaving together participants and artists, and creating community is a favourite on the global circuit.

Interactive storytelling in Bali with a group of children.


Working within school communities for 25 years, Katherine is able to create story performances with groups within a week or a day!

"Into The Cave and Beyond..." – one of Katherine's earlier performances with children. She has now developed a new brand of theatre - The Interactive Story Theatre Performance.


Fairy folk, gold, and sparkle... just what young children love....another costume design and show by Katherine over 10 years ago in Singapore.


For over twenty years Katherine has been going into schools and telling stories, directing plays, running drama programs, and working with both teachers and parents.

A Hallowe'en performance, surrounded by ghosts, goblins, witches, and spider man!

Absolutely anything can happen during the interactive storytelling performance!


Telling stories to children at Tibetan Children's Village, Dharamsala.

Children of all ages delight in the wit and wisdom Katherine's shows offer.


During interactive performances, teachers often gather new ideas to utilize in the classroom.


The Princess and the Pea arrived at schools throughout Asia and Australia.

At home performing in many different venues, Katherine shares story and rhythm here at an orphanage in Bali. She is developing several programs for orphanages with various artists whilst collaborating with Bali Bridges (founded by UWC's Craig Coutts).

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