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In her travels around the globe, Katherine continually offers work in the communities she visits. Tibetan Children's Village in Dharamsala, India (performing stories), teaching women to knit in Vietnam, organizing knitting evenings with women in Singapore called Operation Ginger Bread (all wool gingerbread folk donated to orphanages), and most recently, she has created the Rainbow Lotus Project, inspired by her son the year she homeschooled him.

The Rainbow Lotus Project originally supplied village children in Laos with school supplies. More recently we have been working in Bali (with UWC's Bali Bridges project). Here Katherine and crew from Camp Magic deliver the arts program to children in orphanages free of charge, leaving art and music supplies behind so the children can continue the enrichment in their own time.

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Topic: The role of arts educators in orphanages
Date: February 22, 2013
Venue: studio inthegroove, Singapore | View Map


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