Hoop Meditations

Swirl your way to inner grooviness

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Hoop Dancing has it's origins in Native American Culture. This form of hooping was predominantly for men, and was used to tell stories. It incorporates up to 30 hoops at one time to create static and dynamic shapes to aid in the telling.

Hula Dance comes to us from Hawaii. Traditionally a female dance, where the hips are fully engaged, as is the solar plexus. This dance ignites a feeling of wholeness and well being.

Hoop meditation is really a combination then of taking the hoop from the ancient cultures around the world, with a woman's dance form, and creating something exciting, calming, and new.

Hoop meditation is not about fancy tricks, or trying to be and look the best. It's about finding your own inner rhythm with the hoop, closing your eyes, and allowing the movement to guide you.

Through simple instruction, lovely music, and guided meditation – you may very well find your way to inner awesomeness.


  • FUN FACTOR! Learning to hoop is fun, and the hoops we use are designed for instant success – no kidding!! They are larger hoops that grip to your body rather than sliding down. They are lighter than the exercise hoops you find in shops, yet large enough to be meditative and easy to use.
  • EXERCISE FACTOR! Hooping is a core workout. Twenty minutes of hooping a day does wonders for the waistline, and strengthens the core. Anyone can hoop – no matter what size or shape you are.
  • RELAXATION FACTOR! Hoop meditation is highly relaxing and rhythmic. It can create an overall feeling of wellness and calm.

There are many more reason to integrate hooping into your week – but these really are the top three. So why not give it a try? Looking for something new to do this year? Hooping could be your answer.


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