7 Sisters Workshops

Drumming and Rhythm as Ceremony
and Celebration

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There are always a variety of drums to choose from.


There is always much laughter and joy when women gather and drum.

Before a drum gathering special attention is given to create an atmosphere of warmth and connection.


Drumming is for everyone- and careful guidance is given during each workshop.


Women of all ages feel drawn to drumming and rhythm.

7 Sisters Drumming started over 12 years ago at Bukit Batok Nature Park in Singapore with 5 dedicated rhythm sisters!

Katherine thanks her teacher, John May, for all the beautiful hand crafted drums and years of friendship and support. 7 Sisters Drumming all began after her first workshop with John in Singapore over 12 years ago now.


Drumming at Bukit Batok Park evolved into Tuesday night drumming in a cleared out classroom in a school. We are evolving again... now called 7 Sisters Drumming, the heart of what we do created by many dedicated women over the years.

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