7 Sisters Workshops

Drumming and Rhythm as Ceremony
and Celebration

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I value my time in this circle so much, as I felt nourished, my confidence grew, as did my drumming and dance skills - all thanks to Kath who steered our ship and took us on amazing, enriching and soul-healing journeys. Her rhythm, her words, her skills and her talent brought me out of myself - thanks to Kath I became a WOW performer, made incredible friendships, learned so much about myself and I still have that rhythm, beat and power inside of me.

Thank you Kath, for sharing your gifts, strength, freedom, friendship and love through our circle. Your rhythm and words brought me out of myself. It was so unbelievable to be swept along with the beat, the dance, the story, and to be part of a group of the strongest, most amazing women ever.

Cath Robertshaw
WOW! Woman drummer, Singapore


Drumming with Katherine is a wild, delicious ride! She brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to the drum circle, guiding us in the techniques for hand drumming with djembes, through a variety of percussion instruments, back to simple body percussion. She weaves rich patterns of drum rhythm, dance and story sharing, as we explore and create within our individual drumming and ensemble pieces. Her drum circle is a truly passionate, gorgeous celebration of the rhythm of life!

Deb Thurley
WOW! Woman Drummer, Singapore




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