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How It Works

Each online meditation class has 10 PEOPLE MAXIMUM. This enables the group to give feedback and ask questions after the meditations.

All sessions are through SKYPE. Please ensure that you have Skype hooked up onto your computer and/or tablet. Some people have used phones for the classes, but this will not enable you to see the other meditators. It is NOT essential to have a camera, as some people prefer to just have their session through the voice. The choice is yours. However, most people do enjoy seeing the instructor. So a camera can be handy!

Download Skype

Please ensure that you are online 5 minutes before the session begins. This will enable the instructor to gather the class into the call, so we can get started on time.

Each session is a unique balance of two meditations (one short, one longer one). Often there is a story to start the session, and plus a couple of other fun surprises that help to keep things interesting and focused.


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