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“I enjoyed the personal contact with Katherine, which motivated me and surrounded me with a lot of positive energy. There was also a benefit to having other people there, as it made me less self-conscious. Katherine's calm but bright presence kept me focused on the task and made the learning process effortless.” - Julia

“My initial impression of meditation is more of a solo activity. But group meditation is surprisingly useful. The sharing of experiences afterwards helped me learn more about meditation through others.” - Jowey

“I have always really enjoyed individual meditation - but in all honesty, the way that Katherine has put together this program - I really love the group session. It provides me with a connectedness and understanding. Also discussing everyone's various experiences afterwards keeps it very real (especially as we are all living in different countries!) ”
- Melissa

“The group meditation was great as I've been struggling to find motivation amongst a busy lifestyle. Connecting with like minded people across the planet was incredible. In addition, the follow ups were lovely and a great way to re-connect with the delightful feeling that had been created in the session. Knowing the story and recommended books was also helpful, should I wish to look them up. ” - Emma

“Feeling connected to others - despite the physical distance between us all – was so amazing. And having guided meditations meant I actually did them! ” - Ness


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