A Wish For Ushus

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Directed by Michael Corbidge and choreographed by Jayanthi Siva-Lecolley in it's original form, A Wish For Ushus is based on a story created by Katherine McLeod.

After a life-long connection to India, Katherine spent time 10 years ago with the Gadi people of Himachel Pradesh. It was here that A Wish For Ushus was conceived.

Researching wedding traditions, the land and people, Katherine began to "spin the web" of her story. A chance meeting with a tailor woman, Vrikma, spending evenings alone in the valley, listening to the trickling of water, walking the earth with the mountain farmers….To breathe in the ancestral life of a place, to connect with culture, to meet it and celebrate it. A Wish For Ushus gives strength to the seeker in all of us who dares to go beyond what we know, and jump into that which is mysterious and curious.

For the initial tour of this performance, Katherine learned the Indian traditional form of dance, Odyssey. Merging the dance, drums, voice-overs, spectacular costume, song, and story, A Wish For Ushus became a multi-layered one-woman show.

The story from this performance was re-worked at our Camp Magic Journeys program in July 2014. Let's see where Ushus travels to next!


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