Blue Man of the Desert


Originally created by Katherine McLeod and Johnny Gillett for our Solstice program in 2013, these Desert Tales are filled with a rich inner and outer landscape that ask to be told again and again.

Blue Man of the Desert – Stories of Becoming all begins somewhere in a dry, dune filled place. Man alone, surrounded by wind and sand – nature's elements grinding away as he tries to find his path home.

These stories spill one into the other, merging desert scapes from around the world. The Blue Man of the Desert is on an endless quest, in search for something. Until one day... he discovers everything he has been looking for.

Unique Story Mediums

This performance explores the intricate merging of voice, movement, clay making, wool spinning, song, flute and drum. Performances include ceramic artist Brooke Clunie as she creates and re-creates shapes on potter's wheel. Katherine McLeod uses the ancient art of wool spinning, plus the use of the Native North American Frame Drum as she sings and says the story. Johnny Gillett, Mime artist and storyteller, moves the story through body and voice.

In addition, this show is illustrated through different pottery pieces illustrated with story frames. These beautiful and unique pieces are displayed in the performance space, and available as art installations as well in gallery's, schools, and festivals.

Availability for this performance will be announced in mid 2015. Please check back again then if you are interested in tour dates, bookings, etc.

For ages 5 years to adult.



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